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Welcome to my "McLaren CLan" page. Since I am a McLaren and am interested in my family heritige, I am putting together this collection of things about the Clan McLaren.

I'm just getting started on this so it's far from a comprehensive McLaren page, but it'll get better as time and resources allow. I'm also including links to any other web sites I find which are related to the Clan or Clan members.

If you are a McLaren or wish to contact me about this stuff, related stuff, or any stuff at all don't hesitate to E-mail me here.

My Clan

I have attempted to get back as far as I can in the McLaren Clan, starting from my family. To take a look my family tree (and if you are a McLaren yourself, to see if you can fit in anywhere), click here. The first page shows myself and my immediate family. Click on highlighted names to navigate around the tree from family to family.

A Brief Clan History

At the moment I'm working on the history of the clan. Although I have plenty of information from different sources, I'm still working on summarizing and double-checking it. When done it will appear here. In the mean time, you can find one family summary on another web page here. There is also a very brief summary on the Celtic net.

For more information on the McLaren Clan you may also wish to try the McLaurin Homepage.

Other McLarens on the Net

Here are few famous and not so famous McLarens I have encontered on the net.

Other general McLaren and Scottish-related things